Monday, September 21, 2009

Its difficult

Its difficult. Its difficult to understand how the most tough things in life can seem so simple to a few people and yet, almost unachievable to me. Take for example - blogging, this is not the first time that I have created an id and made an attempt to vomit my thoughts into cyberspace. I have created ids after ids and left them unopened, I am never sure what is it that holds me back exactly. I once read in Linda Goodman that Geminis do not like to get committed by writing, I guess there's a part of it that's true. There is this inexplicable fear within me that works constantly telling me what I think today, I might not think so tomorrow. So if I commit them in writing, I might seem like a fool to myself. But don't we all make fools of ourselves at some point or the other ?
Well, let me not dwell like a coward into this "we" thing. Returning to "me", something delightful happened this last Saturday. Despite the incessant rains and yet more incessant procrastinations, I went to watch the movie Julie and Julia ... alone. Don't mind my lonesome excursions, I am perfectly happy keeping myself company where ever I go. Anyway, I found something quite predicamentally similar in Julie and my situation, both worn out by the jobs that we are doing, taking up projects one after the other and failing to keep at them time and again. So, the solace that she found in blogging did appeal to me.
So here I am, starting my umpteenth blogging id, no cookbooks at my disposal, no wish whatsoever to be contacted by Random House, no dreams of a film producer being carried away by my blogs, and still wondering if I am making a fool of myself, yet on a project to vomit my thoughts into cyber space.

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  1. Sure you have only one post, but it's quite a doozy.

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Paulash.. Fellow thoughts-vomiter since about 2004. I used to use livejournal and then stopped altogether probably for about a year and have now find myself here at the end of an inevitable journey that ended with Google winning my blogging heart.

    I'd love to read more and hope you might like to read my sorry excuse for a blog! Either way, keep chugging at it.